Planning Commission Holds Public Hearing on Rezoning Case #21030

Planning Commission Holds Public Hearing on Rezoning Case #21030

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Planning Commission reviewed a proposal to rezone 0.42 acres of land located next to Stratford Place on the Northeast corner of Sirhal and Jo Don Drive.

In 2017, the area was designated as residential and the current zoning allows multiple family maximum of 14 dwelling units per acre.

Applicants, John McLaughin and Hellen Huang, proposed an increase to a multiple family maximum of 34 dwelling units per acre.

Zoning is used to establish minimum lot sizing; lot width and what kind of land use is permitted. However, the applicants didn’t provide a set development plan for future development considerations such as parking areas.

On the site there is currently an apartment building that holds six units, and a two-story garden level constructed in 1963. No wetlands or floodplain on property.

The Zoning Board of Appeals can’t grant a density variance though to increase the number of units on the northern portion. Rezoning the area allows for some use on the northern portion, but the 34 units would exceed the current use limit.

One Commissioner, Gerald Richards, suggested the theoretical idea of selling the land as a pocket park to the Township in order to satisfy the applicants want to receive some income from the land.

After discussing thoughts and concerns for the rezoning proposal, the Commission took a vote to see how everyone would vote on the current proposal if it stayed as is.

“I do not support the proposal as presented but I do hope that a solution is found so that either a single-family home or a duplex could be built on that northern portion,” said Commissioner Holly Cordill.

The voting resulted in an unanimous lack of interest in the current proposal by the commissioners.

“I do not support the current proposal, but I would support an amended proposal that would allow a single development there, a single-family development,” said Commissioner Mark Blumer.

The Commission encouraged the applicants to work with Township staff on amending the proposal moving forward.

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