Wharton Center 2023-2024 Broadway Season Announcement Coming Soon!

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts will be announcing its 2023-2024 Broadway season on Monday, April 10. Be on the lookout for our newest HOM Entertainment episode where Public Relations Manager B... [More]

'Catching Up with Kenize' Pilot Episode

The first episode of ‘Catching Up with Kenize’ is here! On today’s episode, Kenize introduces High Caliber Karting and Entertainment, and does an exclusive interview with Master of Mischief, Jack... [More]

Disc Golf Construction at Lake Lansing Park North

The Ingham County Parks Department had announced the construction of a new disc golf course coming to Lake Lansing Park North this fall. This new disc golf course will replace the existing playgrou... [More]

Wine At the Woods at Harris Nature Center

On December 11, the Harris Nature Center Foundation hosted its first Wine in the Woods event this winter, featuring an evening walk in the woods by the Harris Nature Center. With over 20 Attendees,... [More]

Michigan’s Largest Model Train Show Back on Track

Michigan’s largest model train show was held on Sunday, November 14th at the Michigan State University Pavilion. The event was organized by volunteer members of the nonprofit organization Lansing M... [More]

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