ZBA Meeting April 20th Case Summary

ZBA Meeting April 20th Case Summary

OKEMOS - On April 20, the Zoning Board of Appeals discussed the approval of the following parcel request changes for Sparrow Hospital Association, Jerry Fedewa Homes, Eyde Hannah Plaza, and Northwind Drive.

ZBA CASE NO. 22-03-16-1 requesting to install additional wall signs that exceed the allowed square footage at 2446 Jolly Road was met with positive reinforcement as Treasurer Phil Deschaine stated, “We did ask Sparrow to significantly reduce the number and the size of the signs, and they appeared to have met that request. I think the sign request in light of the facility is reasonable.” Following the confirmation of the eight criteria listed for this installation, Chair Alexia Mansour, alongside the Board member, agreed to approve this request.

ZBA CASE NO. 22-04-20-1 regarding the request to construct a single-family home that does not meet the required front yard setback at 6059 E. Lake Drive. Following a thorough discussion regarding several concerns with case numbers 1,3, 7, and 8 on this site plan, the confirmation of the front yard setback according to the proposed variance in the design plan had been approved, all attending members of the ZBA board approved the variance request to move forward with the initial construction of this single-family house.

ZBA CASE NO.22-04-20-2 is for a request to construct a single-family home that does not meet the required front yard setback at 6099 E. Lake Drive. The Current request was asking for a more significant variance that was adjusted based on previous contentions from neighboring homes regarding the construction location on the lot itself. The request was to push back the house’s location about 8ft closer to the road from the initial location. Treasurer Deschaine suggested tabling the motion to the next meeting with the new proposed drawing and pictures concerning the neighboring view of the lake as the changes did not match the current proposal request in order to give time to the neighbors and come up with a collective solution. All members of ZBA were in favor of postponing this motion until the next meeting on May 18.

ZBA CASE NO. 22-04-20-3 is for the request to install a freestanding sign that exceeds the maximum permitted square footage at 4790 Hagadorn Road. The previous one was constructed in 1993 and had been recently destroyed due to the incident on December 11 when the train had caught the power lines due to extreme wind conditions, which resulted in the power lines crushing and burning the sign below it. With the new signs adjusted height by 7ft, all board members had moved to approve this motion.

ZBA CASE NO. 22-04-20-4 The variance requested is to install a wall sign on a façade not permitted by the ordinance located at 2755 East Grand River Avenue. Assistant Planner Keith Chapman stated that they are looking at an allowance currently in the works for this particular case that is not yet written. All ZBA board members voted to approve the motion to move the sign to the south façade as the applicant felt it redundant to have the sign placed next to the monument sign at the corner of the lot.

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