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Ballot Meridian: Debate Schedule

Throughout the month of October HOMTV is bringing you Ballot Meridian 2012 election coverage includi...[More]

Absentee Ballots Sent to Military

An ex-military serviceman who served in the Air Force between 2000 and 2004 is skeptical of the way ...[More]

Fire Station Replacement Proposal on Ballot

After much debate, discussion and deliberation, come this November voters in Meridian Township will ...[More]

Central Fire Station on November Ballot

Watch Meridian Magazine to find out the latest on the Central Fire station on the November ballot....[More]

Absentee Ballots

The Michigan Primary Election is Tuesday, August 7th. Stay tuned for absentee voter information. ...[More]

Ballot Meridian Township Clerk Debates

Tune into HOMTV tonight, July 24th 2012 at 7:00pm and 8:00pm to see what the democrat and republican...[More]

Ballot Meridian

Watch HOMTV's award winning election coverage, Ballot Meridian, only on HOMTV. Featuring in-depth in...[More]

Ballot Meridian Township Proposals

Check out what the current proposals Meridian Township residents will be able to vote for come elect...[More]

Ballot Meridian Online - On Demand/Live Features

Ever wonder how you can re-watch a Meridian Magazine episode or how to see that Ballot Meridian deba...[More]

Ballot Meridian Program Schedule

Check out this promo for how to access schedules for Ballot Meridian 2012 election coverage and othe...[More]

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