Absentee Ballots Sent to Military

Absentee Ballots Sent to Military

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Mike Spencer says he was told the ballots weren't even going to be considered, back in 2004. That was also amidst one of the biggest controversies in the 2004 elections where there were reports of missing absentee ballots.

Meridian Township Clerk Mary Helmbrecht says she has heard the skeptics talk about whether or not the ballots count. And she says they do count, as long as they are sent in on time. The ballots are counted in the precinct on election day along with the other ballots. However, she said if the race is close, late ballots may still get a chance.

"There is a window. And if you have a very close election, then you still go ahead and open those," Helmbrecht says.

Helmbrecht believes the bulk of the ballots have been sent in and Meridian Township will have a total of around 200 absentee ballots for the upcoming election.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - An ex-military serviceman who served in the Air Force between 2000 and 2004 is skeptical of the way military absentee ballots are counted. But this year marks just the second election that there will be online availability to receive a ballot, which may make the process more efficient.

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