Absentee Ballots

Absentee Ballots

UPDATE: LANSING - Residents who wish to vote in the 2012 August Primary can still apply for an absentee ballot up until the day before the election.

Some common requests are from people who are 60 years or age or older, people who are unable to be at the polls without assistance, and people who will not be able to vote in their designated precinct on election day.

When you get your ballot, you have to make sure you fill it out correctly before sending it back in or you can request a new ballot if a mistake is made.

Township Clerk, Mary Helmbrecht said, "In the Primary Election you can only vote for Republican candidates or Democratic candidates you can't pick a couple of each to vote for and if you do vote on both sides, then your entire ballot ends up not counting."

The Clerk's office will be open Saturday, August 4th from 8am to 2pm to issue absentee ballots. This is also the last day ballots can be mailed to residents.

ORIGINAL STORY: LANSING - The Michigan Primary Election is Tuesday, August 7th. Stay tuned for absentee voter information.

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