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Ballot Meridian 2016 General Election Candidate Interviews

Get to know who the candidates are vying for your vote on November 8, 2016. HOMTV's Candidate Interv...[More]

Ballot Meridian 2016: Name That Politician

In the spirit of election season, HOMTV wanted to see how well people recognize their local and nati...[More]

What is an Absentee Ballot?

With the Primary Election approaching on August 2nd, the last day to put in a request for an absente...[More]

Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter Millage to be on the August 2 Ballot

Ingham County voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Ingham County Animal Control and She...[More]

Meridian Township Pathway Millage Renewal will be on the August Ballot

This year the millage that funds Meridian Township's pathways will expire and the Township has the ...[More]

Meridian Ballot Results Different Than Statewide - Presidential Primary Voter Turnout and Results

Record voter turnout for the 2016 Presidential Primary Election has been reported across the nation ...[More]

The Road Funding Ballot Proposal Would Increase Michigan's Sales Tax to 7%

The Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department Bill Conklin delivered a presentation on ...[More]

Wolf Hunt Proposals on the November Ballot

On the November 4th General Election ballot, voters will have the choice of allowing a potential wol...[More]

Ballot Meridian 2014

Ballot Meridian 2014 is broadcasting live candidate debates and round table discussions in the HOMTV...[More]

Area Libraries Up for Millage Renewal on August 5th Ballot

Public libraries, they are a common sight in American culture. Many people remember renting countles...[More]

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