Residents Share Thoughts on Black Friday Shopping

Residents Share Thoughts on Black Friday Shopping

OKEMOS - Black Friday is right around the corner. We asked residents how they will participate in this year’s Black Friday and opinions on stores being open on Thanksgiving Day.

Samantha Luna-Simmons, who works at Target in Okemos, said her husband and her go shopping every year, usually looking for a TV and toys for the kids, as well as some clothes. “It really depends on what kind of goal that year. This year we’re looking on another TV to replace the one at our house.”

“Probably mainly cloth for my grandkids, shoes, maybe a few toys,” said Armando Rivera.

Despite deals offered, not everyone will participate in Black Friday. Here are some reasons from people we interviewed.

“That’s craziness going out. We’re just gonna spend time with our family,” said RaeAnn Bordne.

Ranee Mooradian told us that this year she’s not going to participate Black Friday. “You can get stuff cheaper almost sometimes on Cyber Monday. So I probably won’t do Black Friday this year.”

Most major retailers open early, some open at overnight hours during Thanksgiving. People have different views towards stores being open on Thanksgiving Day.

Luna-Simmons said, “I worked Thanksgivings at Target. I would like to spend the entire day with my family. The big part of me does feel that Thanksgiving Day should be left just family and then go shopping on Friday.”

“I think it’s time for family, but people wanna go shop, then you know, it works out for them,” said Bordner.

“I don’t like it,” said Mooradian. “Long time ago, stores would open midnight, that was Okay. But now I think some of the stores even open up at two or three (at Thanksgiving Day), I don’t like it, cause I don’t want to rush my dinner so I can go shopping. So generally, I don’t like to go out on Thanksgiving. I think it’s not nice.”

And although some may not be participating in Black Friday shopping - other holidays such as Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are also just around the corner and may be an option.

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