Heat Safety Awareness for Meridian Township Residents

Heat Safety Awareness for Meridian Township Residents

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Local residents are experiencing increased temperatures and potentially dangerous heat conditions this summer.

Looking to provide heat safety tips to community members, Fire Chief Mike Hamel spoke about preventative measures that can be used to stay healthy in high heat conditions. Residents should always remember to stay hydrated, and to take adequate breaks from outdoor activities as needed.

Heat exhaustion can arise very quickly, or over a matter of hours if continuously exposed to the sun. Some initial symptoms of heat related illnesses to identify can include dizziness, headaches, profuse sweating, nausea, and shortness of breath.

Additionally, reminding citizens to be mindful of others and to not leave children or elderly unattended in a vehicle during warmer months is a constant objective of Meridian Fire & EMS.

“Vehicles can reach an internal temperature of over a 100 degrees in a matter of minutes," said Fire Chief Hamel.

Individuals currently seeking a temperature controlled location could visit some of the recreation sites and publicly accessible businesses across the Township. If temperatures continue to increase over a prolonged period of time, Chief Hamel shared that emergency cooling centers would be activated out of a heightened concern for public safety.

Chief Hamel encourages people to have fun and enjoy their summer. Although he says residents should plan ahead for a day in the sun by being mindful of heat advisories and how the temperature can impact you in the long run.

To learn more about heat safety tips, watch the video below.

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