Community Resources Avaliable For Seniors To Keep Cool

Community Resources Avaliable For Seniors To Keep Cool

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With temperatures continually on the rise you may need to find a few solutions to keeping yourself from overheating. According to, older adults need to be more careful in order to not overheat because their bodies don't adjust well in high temperatures. Seniors in Meridian Township have some options within the community to help keep them comfortable all summer.

“Sometimes I say we’re the best kept secret," said Cherie Wisdom the Coordinator at the Meridian Senior Center. The Senior Center is known as place for seniors to get active and socialize within the community, but it also serves as a Cooling Center of seniors as well. When asked if many older adults take advantage of the Cooling Center Wisdom explained, “I don’t think it’s highly utilized because of the need and the word isn’t out there that we’re a facility for a cooling center, but we are here and available if needed.”

Wisdom went on to say that the Senior Center has various activities and entertainment options to keep their members entertained while they visit.

Rising temperatures can also bring rising utility bills. For those looking for help with utility bills, Meridian Township's Human Services Specialist Darla Jackson may be able to help you seek out the help you need.

“I work with a number of other organizations to try and get people assistance. Sometimes it takes working with Consumers Energy or Lansing Board Of Water and Light to basically make sure they can keep their utilities left on," said Jackson. For those seeking assistance, Jackson said getting assistance can take a while, so you need act quickly. Jackson explained, “the state doesn’t do utility assistance between the first of June and the first of November. So that is completely off the table.” With no help from the state, Jackson said sometimes that means getting creative to get people the help they need."

For more information on the Meridian Senior Center or seeking out utility assistance, please visit the websites below.

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