Do1Thing Emphasizes Spring Safety

Do1Thing Emphasizes Spring Safety

LANSING - Entering the spring season, it's never the wrong time to start thinking about how to be prepared for weather emergencies to keep your friends, family, and community safe. Local Lansing organization, Do1Thing, strives to assist with the slogan "small steps toward being prepared for an emergency."

Do1Thing Director, Raynika Battle, explained the mission for Do1Thing:

"Do1Thing is a non-profit organization, and our whole focus is to teach people how to be prepared for disasters and emergencies."

Battle has been the executive director of Do1Thing since July 2016, and credits her fear of tornadoes when she was younger as an inspiration for her to get involved:

"Ever since then I've always wanted to be prepared for what was going to happen...I love to share [Do1Thing] with my friends and family to make sure they are prepared as well...when we have the ability to reach vulnerable populations, [like] families that are low income, people with disabilities, and our senior community, that really hits home because we know that we can get that information to people that think its too hard to prepare or that they simply can't do it," explained Battle.

Do1Thing has a 12-month program that aims to assist in preparation for these weather emergencies, and offers a goal for each month. The goal for this month is Sheltering, which includes making a Go Bag for emergency sheltering:

"[In the bag] you want to start with having a flash light [with] extra batteries...a first aid kit...bottled water...blankets and extra clothing for kids...[and] a weather radio. You can find these for $20 at Meijer or on Amazon and you'll be able to get weather alerts in case your phone dies," Battle informed.

For iPhone users, there is a Do1Thing app with all the different tips each month for the 12-month program.

For more information on Do1Thing, and how you can stay safe this spring, visit the website at

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