Michigan Indoor Dining Resumes Across the State with New Guidelines

Michigan Indoor Dining Resumes Across the State with New Guidelines

OKEMOS - On Monday, restaurants across the state of Michigan were allowed to reopen for indoor dining once again.

Safety precautions, including limiting to 25% capacity and mandatory masking, will be required until further notice while dining in.

In Okemos, Henrys Place is adjusting their seating to go along with guidelines by allowing customers to sit in their back room that is typically used as a banquet center.

“We miss our customers,” said, bartender Kelli Jones. “These are people we see all the time and we haven’t seen them in a long time, so we miss seeing them and just interacting with everybody.”

Until further notice according to the reopening guidelines, restaurants will also have a curfew of 10pm for indoor dining.

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