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Meridian Township Allows Outdoor Seating at Restaurants

Meridian Township officials are allowing restaurants to open temporary outdoor seating areas for whe...[More]

Michigan Bars and Public Spaces to Close; Restaurants Limited to Carry-Out

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-9, temporarily closing all theaters, casinos, ...[More]

Office Space Set to be Rezoned to Accommodate Future Restaurants

With the hopes of bringing new high end restaurants to Meridian Township, Stockwell Development Grou...[More]

Rainbow Restaurants

Have you ever wanted to try delicious food cultivated from local farms and cooked locally as well? N...[More]

Local Restaurants Welcome Patio Season

With summer here, many local restaurants have opened up their shutters and let some fresh air in. Th...[More]

Mobile Restaurants & Regulation

As the popularity in mobile restaurants finds the Meridian Area, so do the regulations. The type of ...[More]

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