Future Steps May Be Taken For Tree Planting In Haslett, Michigan

Future Steps May Be Taken For Tree Planting In Haslett, Michigan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In tonight’s Feb. 3 Environmental Commission virtual meeting, Vice Chair Rose Vadnais gave updates in regard to the tree planting project from 2020 in Okemos, Michigan, and steps moving forward.

Vadnais said in the past few weeks the Commission has been pushing around a draft of a tree care ordinance to satisfy one of the standards required for the tree city certification, along with having a Tree Board. According to the Environmental Commission packet from tonight’s meeting, one concern from Vadnais was whether or not the existing ordinance would suffice.

Vadnais said earlier in the day she had a meeting with Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Director, LuAnn Maisner, to discuss the draft.

“We feel that the parks department and the Department of Public Works needs to take a look at this and make sure that everything jives and all the language makes sense and that everybody’s on the same page and everybody’s on board,” Vadnais said.

Vadnais said the departments are reviewing the draft and feedback will be given shortly.

“They all seem excited and on board with this idea, nobody’s pushing back,” Vadnais said.

In addition to the new ordinance draft, Commissioner Jim Kielbaso said he hopes to see trees in Haslett, Michigan soon and not just in Okemos, Michigan.

Meridian Township Treasurer Phil Deschaine suggested that the Environmental Commission draw a proposal to the Township Board for Haslett by stating the possible locations of where trees could be planted and the number of trees needed.

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