Meridian Township Recognizes Black History Month

Meridian Township Recognizes Black History Month

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As February begins, the annual time has come to recognize it as Black History Month. The month pays tribute to the generations of African Americans who worked to achieve full citizenship and equality in society. Meridian Township will recognize Black History Month.

"I am very excited that we are supporting and commemorating [Black History Month]," exclaimed a Meridian Township Board of Trustees member.

The Meridian Township Board released a statement:

"Whereas Meridian Township acknowledges the contributions of African Americans to the history of the United States and all people of the United States benefit from the inclusion of African American contributions to US history and whereas in February Meridian Township recognizes Black History Month as an opportunity to reflect on the contributions of Black history to Township history, Michigan history, and US history. Whereas Meridian Township encourages learning from the past in order to understand and improve experiences that shape the United States and whereas African Americans engage and serve the United States at all levels of American life including government, military, academia, and industry, and whereas during Black History Month Meridian Township acknowledges and commemorates the importance of African American citizenship, engagement, and resilience."

In commemorating Black History Month, the Township Board looked to their own as they acknowledged the first African American to serve on the Board:

"Whereas in Meridian Township, Gilbert Sherman was the first African American to serve on the Township Board, appointed Township Treasurer in 1999. In 2000 [he] was the first African American to run for Office of the Treasurer," explained a Township Board of Trustees member.

The Township Board then emphasized their plan beginning in 2015 to increase diversity in The Township:

"Since 2015 The Meridian Township Board has adopted a reoccurring commitment to increase diversity in all aspects of the Township function, and specifically, in its goals and objectives," exclaimed a Township Board of Trustees member."

For more information on what the Township will be doing to commemorate Black History Month, visit the Township website at

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