Meridian Township Senior Center Offering Various Virtual Events for Seniors

Meridian Township Senior Center Offering Various Virtual Events for Seniors

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Senior Center is coming up with more creative ways to continue engagement amongst senior Township residents as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Although the actual center is closed due to the pandemic, seniors are still able to engage online virtually through numerous events.

“I think every person calling is thanking us for offering what we’re doing and helping to give them something to do and to plan on doing for the day so they’re just not sitting there,” said Meridian Senior Center Coordinator, Cherie Wisdom. “It’s felt really rewarding, like what we’re doing actually matters.”

Some virtual event’s the center has planned include cocktails and conversations, bingo, book club, Scattergories, sing-alongs, travel shorts and many more.

“Right after we had the first close-down in March, within a few weeks, maybe a month, we started getting our stuff online,” said Wisdom. “The first things we were able to get online were our exercise classes and our fitness classes and then shortly after that we were getting some virtual educational programs or life-long learning type programs.”

The Senior Center has also halted senior’s yearly membership dues for center activities that would normally be collected in January.

“I know for a lot of our members, you know, we were an extension of home to them,” said Wisdom. “We are still here and we’re still doing everything we can to keep you guys active and engaged.”

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