Consumers Energy Announces $12 Million For Customers Impacted By COVID-19

Consumers Energy Announces $12 Million For Customers Impacted By COVID-19

MICHIGAN - Consumers Energy announced they’re dedicating $12 million in contributions for customers that are directly affected by the coronavirus and need assistance paying energy bills.

Since March, Consumers Energy said they have not disconnected any customers and have worked to get those customers struggling, the assistance they need.

“Our customers, all of us frankly, are going through this unprecedented time,” said Patty Poppe, the President and CEO of Consumers Energy. “We, from the beginning, knew that as essential workers we would continue to keep the lights on, keep the natural gas flowing.”

Consumers Energy Senior Vice President, Brian Rich, said that the announcement of the $12 million will help over 40 thousand customers with paying their energy bill.

“Customers that meet certain income qualifications, our CARE Program, is where you can enroll,” said Rich. “We are expanding this particular outreach for customers that are up to 400% of the federal poverty level.”

Any customer who meets the income qualifications, can enroll in the Care Program by dialing 2-1-1.

For customers who don’t meet the income qualifications, Consumers Energy will be identifying home and business owners that have been impacted by the coronavirus.

“We’re looking at customers who have been uniquely qualified,” said Rich. “Customers who may not have had a rears issues prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, customers who have been attempting to make some sort of minimum payment are the customers that we are most eager to try to help.”

Through the month of October, Consumers Energy will be identifying customers that qualify.

“As we look at all the challenges, and the people who are challenged, there are many people that this is the first time they’ve ever had to ask for help with their energy bill,” said Poppe. “For those people who are asking for help for the first time please don’t be afraid, call us.”

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