Unofficial 2020 Primary Election Results for Local Contested Races

Unofficial 2020 Primary Election Results for Local Contested Races

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The numbers are finally in for the August 4th Primary Election. Unofficial final results were posted on the Ingham County Clerk's Office website at 3:30 pm on Wednesday, August 5th, after a long night and morning tabulating absentee ballots. This election saw an increase in voters voting by mail, primarily attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the unofficial final results for Meridian Township and Ingham County contested races from the August 4th Primary Election:

Meridian Township Clerk Democratic Race:
Brett Dreyfus (Incumbent) - 2,517 Votes
[X] Deborah Guthrie - 6,716 Votes

Deborah Guthrie will become Meridian Township's new Clerk and serve her first 4-Year Term. There are no Republican opponents in this race on the November General Election ballot.

Meridian Township Trustee Democratic Race:
John Esser - 2,697 Votes
[X] Patricia Herring Jackson (Incumbent) - 6,259 Votes
Mike Kieliszewski - 2,301 Votes
[X] Dan Opsommer (Incumbent) - 5,685 Votes
James D. Salehi - 1,431 Votes
[X] Kathy Ann Sundland (Incumbent) - 5,143 Votes
[X] Courtney Wisinkski (Incumbent) - 6,696 Votes

Patricia Herring Jackson, Dan Opsommer and Kathy Ann Sundland will continue serving Meridian Township as Trustees for another 4-Year Term. There are no Republican opponents in this race on the November General Election ballot.

Ingham County Clerk Democratic Race:
[X] Barb Byrum (Incumbent) - 30,189 Votes
DeKeea Quinney-Davis - 13,324 Votes

Incumbent Barb Byrum will face Republican Challenger Joseph W. Werner in the November General Election.

8th District Congressional Republican Race:
Mike Detmer - 3,982 Votes
Alan T. Hoover - 1,741 Votes
[X] Paul Junge - 6,655 Votes
Kristina Lyke - 4,341 Votes

Paul Junge will face Democratic Incumbent 8th District Congressional Representative Elissa Slotkin in the November General Election.

Ingham County Elder Persons Millage
Yes - 47,487
No - 14,839

Ingham County 911 Millage Renewal Question
Yes - 49,924
No - 12,488

The Meridian Township Supervisor Race, Meridian Township Treasurer Race and Meridian Township Park Commissioner Race were uncontested in the Primary Election and has no Republican Challengers on the General Election ballot. Incumbents in those positions will continue to serve Meridian Township for another 4-Year Term.

The November General Election is Tuesday, November 3rd.

Additional Resources

For a detailed list of the unofficial final Primary Election Results, visit the Ingham County Clerk's Office website

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