Asian Buffet Doors Reopen to Serve the Community

Asian Buffet Doors Reopen to Serve the Community

OKEMOS, MI - Asian Buffet is reopening its doors once again to serve the community with take out and delivery services starting today.

HOMTV was able to speak with the restaurant owner, Henry Kwok, about how the take out and delivery will work, "It is a test run this coming Wednesday and we will not know what kind of business it will bring. We might have reduced hours with the possibility of increased hours based on business needs."

While there are no restrictions on the amount of food a person can order per household, Kwok has noticed people are ordering family styled food with 1 to 2 settings and says, "Food will be from the take out menu. The buffet will not being open due to social distancing rules. We want to put procedures in place with curb side pickup or have the person come in to pick up the food when it's ready."

Kwok also told HOMTV, "Small businesses are struggling at this time and hopefully when restrictions are eased, people will start to come out and eat at local restaurants. That's what Americans do. We've been here for 20 years and want to cater to our customers."

You can watch the full interview on HOMTV's Youtube channel.

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