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Haslett Marathon Continues Renovation Process

The Marathon at the Haslett Road and Marsh Road intersection is currently under renovation. It is ge...[More]

Park Commission Discusses Grants for Future Renovations of Parks

During the Meridian Township Park Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 13, different grant submissio...[More]

What You Need to Know About Driving With School Buses

The first day of school is approaching and with it comes the reappearance of school buses. Shari...[More]

Hillbrook Park Receives Some New Renovations

For the third time this year the Meridian Township Park Commission hosted a ribbon cutting. This tim...[More]

Back to School and Back to Sharing the Roads with Buses

Back to school means back to sharing the roads with school buses. And, it’s important we are all bac...[More]

Magic Happening in New Breslin Center Renovations

It may not look like it from all of the cranes, trucks and orange cones but there has been some "Mag...[More]

Park Commission Board Approves Hillbrook Tennis Courts for 2016 Renovation

Improvements are in store for Hillbrook Park. The Park Commission gathered June 14th to discuss reno...[More]

Renovation Has Begun in Downtown Okemos

Once a business that supported entrepreneurs in the Greater Lansing area, "The MARC" located off Oke...[More]

Parkwood YMCA Celebrates New Renovations

After two years of renovations and $500,000 given by local donors, Parkwood YMCA in Haslett has made...[More]

Sidewalk Renovations on Grand River Avenue May Take Longer than Expected

If you have been biking or walking down sidewalks on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township, you ma...[More]

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