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Recycling Mercury

For those doing summer renovations at home this summer, don't forget to recycle your waste properly ...[More]

Meridian Recycling Center Helps Residents Spring Clean

The Meridian Recycling Center hosted their annual spring recycling event on Saturday April 25th at ...[More]

Meridian Township Held Latex Paint Recycling Day

Meridian Township recycling partnered with the Haslett Habitat ReStore for a Latex Paint Recycling D...[More]

Spring Cleaning? Drop Off Unwanted Items at a Local Recycling Event!

If your home has started to feel more and more cluttered over the last couple of months (or years, o...[More]

Christmas Tree Recycling

After the holidays, don’t throw your Christmas Tree in the trash. Real Christmas Trees are biodegrad...[More]

The Recycling Guy: Paper

The Recycling Guy is back and is quicker than ever when it comes to catching people not recycling. ...[More]

The Recycling Guy: Batteries

Recycling Guy strikes again as an unsuspecting individual throws away a perfectly recyclable battery...[More]

The Recycling Guy: Cans

In this installment of The Recycling Guy, Recycling Guy sees a great opportunity to educate on how r...[More]

Hot-In-Place Recycling, A Unique Way to Fix Roads

It's no shock to residents that Michigan roads need some work. The Meridian Township Public Works & ...[More]

Meridian Township Hosts Annual Fall Recycling Event

Do you have piles of old junk taking up space? Do you want to get rid of it, but not throw it out? B...[More]

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