Farmers' Market Moves to Mall for Winter

Farmers' Market Moves to Mall for Winter

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The final outdoor Farmers' Market was held the day before Thanksgiving and was an excellent cap to a successful 2018 Fall Market.

Fortunately for Meridian residents the Market isn't done for next 6 months, just moving inside the Meridian Mall.

Surprisingly there is still some produce available which comes from local greenhouses growing vegetables and greens.

Christmas time brings out unique seasonal booths including wreath displays and a plethora of special baked goods.

Creme stuffed, sugar dusted, jelly filled, cinnamon swirled, oven fresh goodies adorn tables.

Moving the Market into the mall gives local vendors the opportunity to continue selling when many other farmers' markets close for the cold months.

For Mary Wagner of Kolache Kitchens in Owosso it's a chance to share her Eastern Europe heritage through dessert pastries.

"I've known how to do this most of my life," Wagner said.

When asked about moving inside after going to a cold pre-Thanksgiving market she beamed saying, "Its nice, very nice."

Simple displays sometimes offer the most rewarding products at the market like Mycophile's Garden Mushroom Farm.

Started by Chris Swinson as a hobby he expanded outside of his home to a warehouse and eventually large greenhouses now producing a couple hundred pounds of mushrooms every week.

"We have two that we grow in and each one is only about 800 square feet. We grow the mushroom on shelves so we can really pack alot in there because we're growing vertically."

Another positive of buying local is the sustainability of locally sourced food products.

Chris' mushroom specialty is especially sustainable.

"Locally grown mushrooms are the most ecologically sound protein source you can get. They use virtually no water. For the wild ones I find them in the woods and bring them to market so there's really no ecological impact."

A year round market is a treat to have for Meridian Township but to be filled with the quality vendors that can be found there makes it special.

The schedule does significantly lessen in frequency from every Thursday and Saturday mornings to just the first and third Saturday of every month for the remainder of winter.

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