Amount of Single-Family Homes Reduced Proposed Consent Judgement Plan

Amount of Single-Family Homes Reduced Proposed Consent Judgement Plan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After Summer Park Realty purchased the 190-acre Walnut Hills property, they have remained in a constant battle with Meridian Township after a denied redevelopment request in March of 2017.

“Our objective from the developers standpoint was to create an environment that was marketable, economically feasible, and create the type of housing we believe is in demand,” said Alan Greene, who spoke on behalf of the viewpoint of the property owner.

According to Meridian Township documents in the proposed consent judgement and conceptual site plan the maximum amount of residential homes on the property was listed at 311 and no more than 52 of the residential units may be detached single-family condominiums.

However residents on skyline drive voiced concerns about the history of the walnut property and how the rising developments would affect their current living situations with future construction.

“I would encourage the developer to make the amenities public rather than private. It would be a good sign to the neighbors, and it would be a good sign that it can help heal the loss of walnut hills to those who lived around it for years, and have loved the course and built homes around it because of that beautiful golf course and have used it for my decades,” said Meridian Township Trustee, Phil Deschaine.

The next step will be a site plan to review.

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