Businesses Closing Creates New Opportunities for Others

Businesses Closing Creates New Opportunities for Others

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Penn Station off of Marsh Road and Leo's Spirits and Grub on Grand River Avenue used to have little to nothing in common. But all that changed in a matter of days when similar signs were posted on each restaurant's door.

"It is with sad heart that will be closing this location," reads the sign posted on Penn Station's door. While Leo's Spirits and Grub announced that they have lost their lease with Meijer after 10 years.

Unfortunately, these signs posted on doors after a business unexpectedly closed is becoming a popular sight. Small local businesses are not the only ones, but also large cooperations like Younkers and Toys "R" Us are doing the same and residents are left wondering why all of these local businesses are closing.

While some places may be closing due to health code violations, there could be more to the story. According to the Michigan Retailers Association, a business of any size that hasn't kept up with customer demand for great store experience could be in trouble.

A business closing its doors is often seen as negative. However, this can provide opportunities for new businesses or even old ones that have been in the area for several years.

Caesarland was once filled with games and laughter, but the building has been standing empty since the indoor play area closed around 10 years ago. However, recent construction has shown that it won't be standing empty for much longer.

"The Office Max that's currently on the west side of that complex is moving over to the Caesarland footprint. If you've ever shopped in there it just seemed larger than it needed to be," says Meridian Township's Economic Development Director Chris Buck.

The space where Office Max will be moving from will stand vacant until plans are determined.

One building that will no longer be standing empty, is the old Gilbert & Blake's off of Okemos Road. Taking its place will be Lucky's Steakhouse and is expected to open in mid-to-late August.

Several buildings and parking lots may be currently standing empty throughout Meridian Township, but officials feel that the these vacant properties open up possibilities for new and old businesses to fill these voids.

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