Local First Responders Attend ALICE Training

Local First Responders Attend ALICE Training

EAST LANSING - On January 30th, East Lansing held its first ever ALICE Program Training at the Hannah Community Center. The ALICE Program is a training program that insures and instills the safety within first responders on what to do in the case of an active shooter incident. Local police and fire departments involved included Lansing, East Lansing and surrounding Greater Lansing communities.

"The Alice Training Institute is a proactive response training company to a violent critical incident. We teach people through a option based training how to best increase their odds of survival during an active killer event," said Brandon Rhoe, Assistant Director of Training for ALICE Program Training.

Activities during the day ranged from lectures to a hands on trial run in what to do in the incident of an active shooter. Officers and first responders had the opportunity to practice the training skills that they had learned during the day through their sessions.

Chief of Training for the Lansing Fire Department, Teresa Robinson says that ALICE training has been around for awhile, but finally has made its way to the Greater Lansing community in an aide to help better the community.

"So, this training that we have here today, the ALICE Training. It's the first time that we've ever done it. It's been hosted in other places in Michigan but we wanted to bring it to the Capitol City and the Greater Lansing Area to benefit our police departments and fire departments in our community here," said Robinson.

Local police and fire departments hope to continue its efforts to improve their knowledge and awareness on incidents that can occur, through the ALICE Program.

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