LIVE Coverage: Meridian Township Press Conference - 2004 Nassar Police Report

LIVE Coverage: Meridian Township Press Conference - 2004 Nassar Police Report

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch HOMTV's LIVE coverage of Meridian Township's Press Conference today at 12:30 pm on Comcast Channel 21, Facebook, Twitter and our website.

Meridian Township will be holding the press conference in regards to the handling of the 2004 Police Report filed by 17-year-old Brianne Randall-Gay regarding sexual abuse by Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh and Police Chief Dave Hall are expected to issue a statement of apology and announce new initiatives and training regarding Criminal Sexual Conduct investigations.

"The police questioned you, and you had the audacity to tell them that I misunderstood this treatment because I was not comfortable with my body, how dare you. Sadly, they took your word instead of mine," said Randall-Gay during her victim impact statement directed to Nassar during his sentencing hearing on January 23rd.

The redacted Police Report Randall-Gay filed in 2004 has been made public as of January 31st.

When asked about the overall goal of holding this press conference, Township Manager Walsh said, "to publicly acknowledge our regret for what happened in 2004 and personally apologize to Brianne. It is important to convey to Brianne and the public what initiatives have been and will be undertaken to prevent anything like this to happen in the future and to raise awareness for sexual assault survivors."


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