2004 Police Report of Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Released

2004 Police Report of Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Released

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In 2004, Brianne Randall-Gay filed a police report with Meridian Township Police Department regarding sexual abuse at the hands of former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University Doctor, Larry Nassar. That report did not go to prosecutors or any further at the time. Since then, Nassar has been sentenced to 40-175 years in prison for sexual assault in Ingham County after more than 150 women have come forward with details of his sexual abuse. He faces more charges in Eaton County.

"The police questioned you, and you had the audacity to tell them that I misunderstood this treatment because I was not comfortable with my body, how dare you. Sadly, they took your word instead of mine," said Randall-Gay during her victim impact statement directed to Nassar during his sentencing hearing on January 23rd.

According to Meridian Township's website, "MSU notified Meridian of the 2004 Nassar report in mid-September of 2016. At the same time the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office directed that we not release the 2004 report under FOIA until after the conclusion of the Nassar hearing in Ingham County. The Attorney General’s Office allowed us to release the report on Monday, January 29, 2018."

“We missed it. We’re not going to hide it. We were deceived. During our press conference on Thursday, we will answer all questions surrounding the report and announce three initiatives regarding Criminal Sexual Conduct investigations within our police department,” said Frank Walsh, Meridian Township Manager

The police report states that in August 2004 Randall-Gay saw Nassar for her medical condition known as scoliosis. During the initial appointment, a medical student and Randall-Gay's mother was in the room. The 17-year-old said that Nassar did what appeared to be routing testing for things such strength and flexibility. That appointment ended with Nassar referring her to physical therapy as well as giving him a hug.

On September 6, 2004, Randall-Gay returned to Nassar for an appointment to see how she was doing after undergoing therapy. Randall-Gay and Nassar were the only ones in the room during that check-up examination. The police report outlines Randall-Gay describing how the appointment started just like the first one but than she became "scared and uncomfortable while Nassar was touching her in places other than her back. She thought it was weird and it freaked her out. She didn't know if it was possible that this type of touching was normal in this type of doctor visit..."

The report said Nassar had Randall-Gay change into a robe and shorts with velcro on the sides. And, before touching her vagina and breasts, Nassar massaged Randall-Gay's buttocks with his elbow and said, "I bet people at physical therapy don't do this."

After giving her statement to police, Randall-Gay went to Sparrow Hospital for an exam. All evidence from the exam was turned in to the Meridian Township Police Department.

When Nassar was interviewed by police, he admitted to Investigator Andrew McCready that he indeed touched Brianne in the perineum, applying pressure with his fingers as he did so and indicated that this procedure is a medical technique known as the Sacrotuberous Ligament Release. Nassar went on to say that this technique has been published in medical journals and training tapes instructing the same are available to physicians throughout the United States. He provided a Power Point Presentation, in which the medical procedure is explained in detail.

Randall-Gay's mother was informed of the medical procedure explained to police by Nassar. The report states that she was "troubled by the fact that Nassar did not wear latex gloves while performing said procedure." Investigator McCready explained that he would not be able to affect whether or not the doctor wore gloves or if he had another person present during the procedure, however, he would pass her concerns along to Nassar.

The police report states that the case was being closed with no prosecution being sought, due to the facts presented by Nassar.


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