2017 Christmas in the Village Features Santa and Renaissance Singing

2017 Christmas in the Village Features Santa and Renaissance Singing

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Christmas in the Village this year featured renaissance singing in the Meridian Historical Village Chapel.

Volunteers dressed in period clothing and baked goods, such as cookies and popcorn balls, were available.

Santa made an appearance and the whole Historical Village was decorated for the festive season.

Brad Brogren, the President of The Friends of Historic Meridian, shared his thoughts on the Christmas in the Village event.

"It's been a real asset for the community. We have entertainment: Santa's always been here, and we've had great crowds that have come out to enjoy this beautiful village we have in the Township."

Francie Dittrich, a volunteer at the event, shares what went on behind the scenes to make the baked goods available at the event.

"We get a list and we just start calling people, we ask them if they'll bring so many dozens of cookies, or what they would like to bring for Christmas in the Village."

Dittrich also discusses what went on behind the scenes with the volunteers to have popcorn balls and a craft activity available at the event.

"Like with the popcorn balls, we had a special day where we made the popcorn balls, and then we have a special day were we decide on what kind of craft we're going to have at the school house."

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