Michigan Women's Hall of Fame: Induction and Award Ceremony

Michigan Women's Hall of Fame: Induction and Award Ceremony

EAST LANSING - To fill someone with the urge and or ability to do or feel something is to inspire; And that's what happened at the 34th annual Michigan Women's Hall of Fame award, and induction ceremony.

"I'm inspired. I'm inspired by the lives that they lived when being a woman wasn't recognized as it is today. I mean the opportunities that women have today weren't available to many of the honorees and inductees we honored tonight. So hearing their stories was inspiring to us, it was inspiring to all the women in the room," explained event host and WLNS news Anchor, Sheri Jones.

Senator Curtis Hertel accepted the Philip A heart award for his quality as an individual and value of his contribution to women.

While there were over 100 nominations submitted, inducted were five contemporary, and five historical women. Officially making a total of 318 women formally inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame.

With 10 new women inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, contemporary inductees received a medallion, and Historical inductees received a plaque. All thanking them for their contribution to both society and state.

Among the historical inductees were Clara Bryant Ford, who's great grand nephew Mark Campbell accepted on her behalf.

"She was one of the people that started with women, and when Henry was off at the Factory working with the cars, she was making sure that the women, young women, especially on farms, made sure that they had proper health care, proper education," said Campbell.

Continuing the inspiration of inductees, was American Icon Rosie the Riveter, and all the Michigan riveters.

"We wanted to honor those women who really helped the allies win the war. Without that arsenal of democracy here in Michigan, which were all of those bomber plants and tank plants, the women who were working in them we wouldn't have won the war. So we really wanted to honor all of those women," explained Executive Director Caitlyn Perry Dial.

"Rosie the Riveter inspires a 'We Can Do It' spirit. Where all of us together can do whatever we set our minds to," continued Perry Dial.

That same attitude was felt throughout the night, as history met Herstory.

"We're standing on their shoulders. They've taken the risk for us, and now we're able to do the jobs that we do today because of them, and we can't forget that history," said Jones.

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