Who's Taking Care of Your Roads

Who's Taking Care of Your Roads

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As road construction starts to progress, and the warmer weather months are officially here local and state road departments want you to know who has jurisdiction over what.

“The state roads are those that have an M and I or a US in it’s title, so whether US 127 I-93 those would be under state jurisdiction. All other roads would be under local, state, or county, either the township or the city, and there are a lot of needs for the local roads as well,” said Kari Arend, Media Representative for Michigan Department of Transportation.

Usually roads who are undergoing construction are selected based on the needs of the community.

“Local roads are typically chosen by Meridian Township administration and approved by the Meridian Township Board each year. That is done using the millage funds that are raised through the local roads millage on tax funds in the township. Typically four to five miles of local roads are resurfaced through that program every year, based on traffic volumes, and the condition of the roads,” said William Conklin, Managing Director of the Ingham County Road Department.

If you would like to find out more about these upcoming projects and if they affect your daily road routes, you can visit the Michigan Department of Public Transportation, or the Ingham County Road Department.

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