Haslett Boys' Lacrosse Glide by DeWitt, 21-8

Haslett Boys' Lacrosse Glide by DeWitt, 

HASLETT - Up 7-0 with one minute left in the first quarter, the Vikings allow two goals in and it's 7-2 after the first.

The beginning of the second continues with a DeWitt streak.

One more goal makes it 7-3, but Haslett breaks that trend with a goal by Logan Finnick.

One, two, three more by the Vikings and one by DeWitt.

Haslett leads 11-4 at halftime.

"I thought we came out and played hard, played good offense right from the get go. We came out and score I think on five of our first seven possession," head coach Jake Murphy said. "And then after that, we kinda let off a little bit I thought. I think we were up seven-nothing right off the bat and then we let in a couple easy goals. After that we tightened things back down and the guys finished strong."

Haslett's # is smacked in the hand by DeWitt's # as he runs around the back of the goal.

His stick drops and a fight almost breaks out.

Both boys' teammates come to take each of them away.

Second half starts and it's goal after goal.

That is, for Haslett.

The Vikings got their energy right back up in the third quarter and widened the gap, 19-7.

Fourth quarter is slower, but doesn't go scoreless.

Running from the back and sneaking around the corner of the goal, DeWitt puts up one more to make their final score eight.

Haslett gets one more too to improve their record to 8-3 with the 21-8 victory against the Panthers.

The Vikings' host DeLaSalle at 7 p.m. tonight and Midland on Monday, also at 7 p.m.

"Hopefully the defense, they're going to be able to bring it and be able to know their slides and get a couple more saves and hopefully warmer weather," Murphy said. "Just defensively tighten down a little bit more."

After the big win, Murphy had to run away from his players trying to dump water on him.

Murphy jumped the fence and escaped the shower.

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