Okemos Family Keeps Son's Memory Alive with Scholarships

Okemos Family Keeps Son's Memory Alive 
with Scholarships

OKEMOS - In a matter of seconds, life can change. And change it did — in 2009 for an Okemos family of four.

"We belong now to a fraternity that no one wants to belong to," said Michael Nevells of Okemos.

Six years ago, Michael Nevells and his wife lost their son Adam in a fatal car accident in front of Okemos High School, following a football game.

"It was a very trying night as a parent," Michael Nevells, Adam's father, said.

But even in difficult times, decisions must be made.

"And that was the gift of life," Nevells said.

The decision to donate Adam's tissues and organs to those who were in need of them.

"Subsequently, we found out that with Adam's donation of corneas and tissues... there was a long list of people that Adam helped," he said.

And the list of lives Adam has touched after his death didn't end there.

"We decided to provide annual scholarships to the four key areas that Adam loved and impacted so profoundly," Nevells said.

Through an athletic, music, boy scouts and church youth scholarship, Adam's memory lives on.

"Well, I would love to see 20-some years from now, a guidance counselor at Okemos High School telling another Adam-esque, young person, 'You should apply for the Adam Scholarship.' And that student asking, 'Well, who's Adam Nevells?'" he said.

However, in order for the fund to continue for generations to come and help Adam's spirit live on, the Nevells family is asking for donations.

"Currently, the fund is at about 60 percent of our goal," Nevells said. "So in essence, when we reach our goal, Adam's fund will provide scholarships and funding to the area indefinitely."

The Nevells family holds three annual events that support the fund — one of which is the Memorial Golf Outing taking place August 23.

"In addition to golfers, we running at about 50 or 60 golfers on average right now, donations of gifts and prizes, corporate sponsors... those things are very important," Nevells said.

And while the Nevells hope to give back to the community, they appreciate all that they are able to take away from these events.

"Nothing's going to replace this loss, but the fund and the annual activities give Elaine and Matthew and I an opportunity to share Adam's stories," he said.

It's an opportunity for them to remember Adam and smile.

Additional Resources
To register for the golf outing or become a corporate sponsor, email Michael Nevells at mike.nevells@go-sgi.com.; In addition to supporting the golf outing, contributions can be made payable to the Capital Region Community Foundation with the notation “Adam D. Nevells Memorial Fund” on the memo line or in accompanying note and also online at www.crcfoundation.org.; The following is also a GoFundMe account that donations can be made to: www.gofundme.com/pmd8m8

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