Supporting Small Businesses Saturday in Meridian

Supporting Small Businesses Saturday in Meridian

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Small Business Saturday is back again this year on Saturday, November 26th. This day encourages all residents in the community to shop local businesses instead of big box stores. For the past two years, local businesses in the Township had to deal with COVID-19 restrictions. Alongside the businesses being impacted by the construction on Grand River Avenue and Okemos Road Bridge.

Small Business Saturday is promoted in effort to raise awareness and honor the small entrepreneurs. Franchises typically are not supportive of, ‘Small Business Saturday,’ as they have national promotions that call attention to their stores.

For every dollar spent in a local community, it yields about 70 cents that will stay within the Meridian Community. Neighborhood and Economic Development Director of Meridian Township, Amber Clark stated that ensuring franchise inclusion will employ local residents to provide options for growth.

“This allows us to maintain a healthy population,” said Clark, “The amount of local yield increases when the business uses a local economy to support its functions.”

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