Meridian Township Dogs Attend Yappy Hour

Meridian Township Dogs Attend Yappy Hour

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, MI - After a long, ruff day of being man’s best friend, dogs need a break. Members of the Meridian Township Small and Large Dog Parks took such a break at this week’s Yappy Hour events, hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.

True to its name, the event included a treat bar for pups, fully stocked with tennis balls, biscuits and a one-ingredient, dog-safe cocktail known as a “pup cup." (The one ingredient? Whipped cream.)

While the event was advertised as a way to meet other park members, many attendees, both two- and four-legged, were already well-acquainted. At the small dog park, folks sat together in the shade and paid special attention to ensuring that all dogs stayed hydrated in the heat.

“We usually come [to the park] around 4 or 5 in the afternoon … there’s usually a good group of people there, a consistent group of the same dogs,” said park member Taylor Winzer. “Sometimes we’ll come on the weekends, meet a couple of new fur friends … they [dogs Benson and Leo] just like the socialization aspect of it.”

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