Michigan State Capitol Holds Rally for Ukraine

Michigan State Capitol Holds Rally for Ukraine

LANSING - On March 20, 2022 the Michigan State Capitol held a gathering to give people the opportunity to stand with Ukraine.

Together, loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, and people of all backgrounds and nationalities showed up at the Michigan Capitol to make their voices heard.

Many speakers, including U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow came to show their support and speak out.

Stabenow said, “When we're seeing maternity hospitals, nursery schools and theaters and food lines intentionally and cruelly, being targeted by Putin, make no mistake. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and he must pay for the horrors he is bringing to Ukraine. And still courageous people fight for their freedom."

Ukrainian flags flew from every direction as people chanted.

As Russia invades Ukraine many U.S. citizens are left wondering how to support Ukraine from so far away, Ukrainians in the United States struggle with this dilemma even further.

Maria Comstock came to stand with Ukraine and said, “Me, as I am sure many many other Ukrainans who are here today are feeling torn apart because we are still Ukrainians even though we’re living on a different soil,” she continued. “We still want to do something, we want to fight for our country, we want to help who we can help and we don’t know whether we should stay here in the safe soil, or go over there and protect our borders.”

As people are forced to worry about their loved ones and wonder if they are still alive, they cannot stay silent. The rally helped people come together and find other like minded people looking to help Ukraine.

Nataliya Babayan, a citizen of Ukraine and the U.S. said, “I’m calling my mom every morning just to ask how they’re doing. If they don’t pick up the phone in five rings I start worrying and get panicked because I think that they got bombed.”
The future is unknown for many but it is important to look at all of the ways we can help Ukraine’s economy, donate, and stay up to date on what is happening.

Lansing resident, Donna Riley, wrote a petition which many were signing at the capitol urging to open the borders to Ukrainians. The Greater Lansing Ballet Company will be holding a fundraiser for Ukraine on April 10th.

More information on how to purchase tickets for the Greater Lansing Ballet Ukraine Fundraiser will become available in a follow up story.

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