Daniels Drain Maintenace Improvement Project Update

Daniels Drain Maintenace Improvement Project Update

OKEMOS, MI - The Daniels Drain Project continued its ongoing construction to improve the stormwater infrastructure and decrease the pollution at Walden Pond, located at 1555 W Pond Dr #22 in Okemos.

This project is also in response to a petition by Meridian Township residents in 2016 with a resolution that was presented to the Township Board to authorize the Meridian Township Department of Public Works to begin the special assessment process for the project from their September 21st meeting. During this project, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner announced Dobie Road has been closed south of Hamilton Road and north of Forest Hills Drive with a traffic detour to Meridian Rd. and Jolly Rd. The work has been confined to the right-of-way of Dobie Road, directly adjacent to the Arrowtree Apartments, near Minoka Trail and the Chief Okemos Circle. Once the water is low enough it will make it easier for the herpetologist to find and remove wildlife such as turtles, frogs, snakes and other critters from the polluted water and relocate them to another pond down the road at Sparrow Laboratory, which is part of the same drainage system.

Restoration of Walden Pond will begin later this year and spring of 2022.

For construction updates and more information please call 517.853.4440 or email dpw@meridian.mi.us

UPDATE 10/8/21: The paving on Dobie Road has been completed and the road closure signs have been removed.

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