Honoring the Memory of John Grettenberger Sr.

Honoring the Memory of John Grettenberger Sr.

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Saturday Sept. 18, the Meridian Township Park Commission and the Friends of Historic Meridian held a dedication ceremony at the Meridian Historical Village to honor the memory of John Grettenberger Sr.

The ceremony was open to the community to remember John who passed away last year battling cancer. He was 82 years old. John was born in 1937 to Orin and Laura Grettenberger in Okemos, MI and was also the Vice President of GM (General Motors), and a General Manager of Cadillac Motor Car Division. John's family and friends gave testimonials at the Village Chapel following a reception after the ceremony.

“We have a lot of support from Meridian Township, Parks & Recreation and the Board of the Friends of Historic Meridian wanted to honor John,'' said Jane Rose, a resident of Meridian and retired Executive Director of the Meridian Historical Village. “He was so helpful with all our special events. Every time we had special events whether it was the Heritage Festival or Christmas in the Village, John would volunteer to be in the chapel. He loved the chapel and that was his baby.”

Rose added, “He will be missed by many for a long time. He brought things to life and reached out for people. His enthusiasm helped draw so many people in the community. He was a joy to work with and going to miss that level of enthusiasm. He was a delightful person to know.”

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