Jordan's Way Raises Money For The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter

Jordan's Way Raises Money For The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter

INGHAM COUNTY - Today, Feb. 4, Founder and CEO of Jordan’s Way Charities Kris Rotonda visited Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter (ICACS), where he went LIVE on Facebook from 10:00 am. to 2:00 pm. to help raise money for the shelter.

The fundraiser featured all of the adoptable dogs and cats at the shelter, behind-the-scenes of the shelter, donation games and the staff and volunteers promoted their favorite animals, all while Rotonda kept energy and spirits high for everyone involved.

According to a press release, Jordan’s Way Charities is making its way across the United States, running fundraiser campaigns to help animal shelters. The Jordan’s Way Tour has stopped at shelters in 15 states so far, and ICACS will be the 57th stop on the tour. His campaign has raised between $5,000 and $15,000 per stop and Rotonda is known nationwide for his high-energy programs and for spending 72 hours straight in a dog kennel in an effort to document the life of a shelter dog in Florida.

The Jordan’s Way Tour is fundraising through the Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The organizations’ mission is to lessen the burden on and provide funding to ICACS; to raise funds through grants, donations and fundraising events in order to provide food, shelter and care for animals at the shelter.

Rotunda started off his four hour fundraiser with a pie throwing game, he coined “slap fight,” where two staff members, Jim and Mike, sat across from each other with plates of whipped cream pies ready to smash into each other’s faces. Every time a person donated money to the Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund, Mike threw a pie in Jim’s face.

“Keep it going, share, like, comment,” Rotonda said. “Ingham County this is your local shelter, these are your dogs and cats, keep donating.”

After the pie throwing game, Rotonda introduced staff and volunteers at the shelter in a unique way. He called this game, “save their face” and after each person was named, only people donating could save each of their faces from getting pie smashed into it, if no one donated in a certain amount of time, pie was thrown onto their faces.

Only 45 minutes into the fundraiser, over $1,200 had been donated to the fund. After a brief tour around the building and all staff members were introduced, Rotonda went from kennel to kennel selling “puppuccinos” to each dog for every $25 donated. Once the fundraiser hit $1,600 a pit bull puppuccino race commenced.

“These are the biggest pit bulls I’ve ever seen in my life,” Rotonda said.

After an energetic four hours from the ICACS staff and volunteers, Rotonda, the dogs and cats, multiple pie throwing games, puppuccinos, pit bull races, three ice bucket baths, and a surprise visit from a 77-year-old turtle named Fred, Jordan’s Way Charities helped raise $3015 plus the $500 donated from Preuss Pets in Lansing, Michigan, for a total of $3515.

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