Attorney General Warns of COVID-19 and Holiday Scams

Attorney General Warns of COVID-19 and Holiday Scams

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is urging people to be vigilant of scams that offer people various treatments to cure COVID-19.

Various scams include treatments that promise to cure the virus like the use of pills, herbal teas or essential oils. Other scams include early and quick access to the COVID vaccine, personal testimonials about the vaccine as well as emails or texts about qualifying for clinical trials and earning money for it. In this case, your personal information is asked for upfront and a link Is included that could put malware on your device.

“The bottom line is do not buy a treatment or vaccine online and always consult a medical professional,” Nessel said. “Do not respond to text messages, emails or calls that offer you the vaccine.”

The pandemic has caused many people to do more of their holiday shopping online. Nessel urged people to be vigilant when shopping online

“That increase in online traffic can open the door to scams and other deceptive business practices this holiday season,” Nessel said.

She urged consumers to do some research into the company if they have never heard of it, use secure devices when shopping and only shop on websites with an HTTP in it.

In response to the online shopping increase, Nessel announced the 20 days of scams calendar with consumer alerts as well as tips one how to shop smart while staying safe. The calendar will help people shopping online as well as in stores

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