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Michigan Department Of Treasury Warns Residents: Be aware of Tax Scams

During the summer, the Michigan Department of Treasury wants to warn Michigan taxpayers to stay aler...[More]

Attorney General Dana Nessel Sheds Light On COVID Relief Programs and Scams

According to a press release on Feb. 17, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel brings attention to t...[More]

Scams and Cyberbullying To Be Aware Of

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has been reminding Michigan buyers to be informed about online...[More]

Attorney General Warns of COVID-19 and Holiday Scams

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is urging people to be vigilant of scams that offer people var...[More]

2019 Consumer Education Series to Help Prevent Scams

On June 18th the first part of a 3 event series will begin. The 2019 Consumer Education series will ...[More]

New Text Messaging Scams on the Rise

With around 20 billion text messages being sent in America everyday, "SMiShing" or SMS fishing is be...[More]

Avoiding Consumer Scams

With the temperature increasing, and school being out, people begin to start looking for ways to go ...[More]

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