Update on the Harris Nature Center Foundation Projects

Update on the Harris Nature Center Foundation Projects

HARRIS NATURE CENTER - HOMTV visited the Harris Nature Center to speak with the Park and Land Preservation Superintendent Kati Adams about the progress of the Foundation Projects.

The Foundation supports projects traditionally purposed for functions extending above and beyond the day-to-day operations of the Nature Center.

The Nature Center is focusing on three of these projects to add to the guest-experience.

The pavilion and patio is one of the projects underway which is projected to facilitate a variety of uses. The pavilion is located across the parking lot from the Nature Center's entrance.

The pavilion will serve as more than just a picnic area. Adams called the pavilion a “much needed outdoor classroom space.”

“A lot of people look at pavilions as more just for picnicking, you know, and parties, but we were really looking for an outdoor shelter for classroom space,” Adams said.

Along with the pavilion, an outdoor restroom building is being installed near the parking lot. With a large increase in visitation over the years, Adams says this outdoor restroom is a much needed addition to the Nature Center.

One of the newest installments is the observation deck. This project’s funding is unique from the pavilion and restrooms. The observation deck's funding comes from donations from locals in Meridian Township and a grant from the Capital Region Community Foundation.

The observation deck follows along the trail system and overlooks the meadow habitat. The deck stands 6 ft off the ground. The deck’s platform is 20 ft by 20 ft.

“It’s just viewing nature from above ground instead of at eye level, so it's pretty exciting,” Adams said.

Adams anticipates it will be a destination point for school groups and local photographers.

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