Meridian Township Adopts Plan to Encourage Green Infrastructure

Meridian Township Adopts Plan to Encourage Green Infrastructure

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Environmental Commission held a zoom meeting on Wednesday, November 9th to discuss efforts to improve the environment in the Township. Of the main topics was the Green Infrastructure Audit.

The purpose of the audit is to modify sections of municipal code that discouraged green infrastructure in Meridian Township. The audit was modeled after the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Audit Workbook in Wisconsin.

Greater Lansing Regional Committee Coordinator Clifford Walls defines the problem in two categories of barriers. The first is lack of communication in the Township’s Master Plan and Code of Ordinances. The Township wants to preserve its natural resources but doesn’t specifically mention how residents should do so in the Township’s Master Plan or in the Code of Ordinances.

The second category of barriers is related to requirements by the ordinance that creates obstacles that prevent implementing green infrastructure.

Suggestions on how to address the categories of barriers are also broken up into two phases. Phase one focuses on adapting language favoring GSI. Phase two focuses on structural changes that expand options of homeowners and developers.

Suggestions for phase one include: Use purpose statements that encourage GSI, Clearly state GSI and it’s benefits in the Master Plan, allowing flexibility in parking deferments and etc.

Some suggestions for phase two are allowing flexibility in parking deferments, encouraging the integration of vegetated stormwater controls into screen or buffer areas, allow vegetated open channels/curb cuts in lieu of curb and gutter and etc.

More information about Meridian Township’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Code Audit can be found on

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