Green Theme Presentation: Save Our Wetlands

Green Theme Presentation: Save Our Wetlands

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Environmental Commission welcomed Kendra Grasseschi, a clinical social worker and advocate of Meridian Township wetlands to present valuable information. The Commission was given a few facts about the Township’s wetlands in a successful attempt to educate on how residents can help.

25% of Meridian Township is made up of wetlands. Wetlands work as a natural habitat for many animals along with absorbing flood waters like a sponge. Which can be released back during droughts. Wetlands are also natural kidneys for the ecosystem as it removes sediments and pollutants through water flow.

The overall goal is to excite and educate residents into taking action to make Meridian Township a greener place to live.

One of the major points that was discussed was how the disposal of yard waste and removal of natural vegetation can have long term effects on the Wetlands. The Commission is looking to come up with a plan of how to dispose of personal yard waste in accordance with Local, State, and Federal wetland protection laws.

The Environmental Commission’s Board hopes to put out a brochure, once finalized, to educate Meridian Township residents about wetlands. Along with a companion brochure on disposal of foreign pollutants so that residents can be active in maintaining clean water, reducing pollution, and preventing flooding.

Kendra Grasseschi, along with other advocates, believe that if residents understand the purpose and value of wetlands through education, by knowing the local codes, and what’s required of them, it can reduce the probability of enforcing large penalties.

“I learned a lot from Kendra about the wetlands. I think this is a really really good idea.” Commented Courtney Wisinki, Board Liaison, who invited Kendra Grasseschi to make the presentation.

For more information visit Meridian Township’s website at

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