Marketplace On The Green is Nearing Completion

Marketplace On The Green is Nearing Completion

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Marketplace on the Green is the “economic centerpiece” of Meridian Township. This project is nearing completion and is expected to be fully operational by late August.

This event space, located right behind the JCPenney in the Meridian Mall, will provide the Township with an updated location for various events. The focal point will be the updated Farmers' Market, which has gone from four to sixty vendors heading into its 45th year. There will also be an area for youth and adult sports, live music, yoga, a new playground, festivals, bingo, 5k races and an open-grassy space for food trucks vendors or picnics, etc.

“We are very excited about a multi-use portion of this, but really it’s a new home to accommodate our very popular Farmers' Market, the community loves it. We’ll be bringing many more activities there in years to come,” said Director of Parks and Recreation, LuAnn Maisner.

This project consists of a pavilion with two restrooms, an office building for food assistance program staff, a stage for live music events, and potentially an outdoor ice-skating rink.

“In the near future we hope to purchase artificial ice to put in the east wing of the pavilion so during the winter months we can have ice skating and we don’t have to be worried about the freeze and thaw that occurs in Michigan, but also we can put it up for special events for ice skating activities year round,” said Maisner.

The final installations for the Marketplace are set to go in soon, and Maisner even mentioned wanting to have a (socially distanced) opening celebration.

“All that is left is the concrete to be poured, playground parts to come in and a few finishing touches then we should be good to go, it’s all coming along quite nicely,” said Maisner.

There is much to look forward to on Central Park Drive as the Marketplace on the Green is just one piece of the master plan the department put together in 2014. This area will be receiving a new restroom, a new sidewalk leading into the historical village, a new paved pathway going through Central Park, a large dog park and a fishing dock/overlook both at Central Park South.

“It’s really more than just Marketplace on the green it’s the whole central park area that’s coming to life,” said Maisner.

Marketplace on the Green is set to open to the public in late August, early September and the Township is very excited to not only provide the city with these improvements, but to liven up Central Park as a whole.

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