Haslett Marathon Brownfield Plan Discussed at Township Board Meeting

Haslett Marathon Brownfield Plan Discussed at Township Board Meeting

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Marathon gas station, located at the southeast corner of Marsh Road and Haslett Road is slated for demolition in preparation for a new building to be developed on the site.

The gas station at 1619 Haslett Rd will be replaced by a new 6,622 square foot gas station which will include a convenience store, retail, restaurant usage and an auto service center. The Township Board approved of this development on the site in 2017.

“The demolition and environmental clean-up activities are necessary to allow for the development and in a way that’s protective of public health and the environment,” said Dave Van Haaren, the Township’s brownfield consultant. “The activities are going to be financed by the developer.”

Seven jobs will be retained and five new full-time equivalent jobs will be created, said Jessica DeBone, a representative from PM Environmental Inc, an environmental risk consultant.

“We’re looking at adjusting the location of the building, so that will be actually moved up at the corner of Haslett and Marsh to improve the walkability and kind of that downtown feel within that intersection,” said DeBone. “There will be planters, bike parking, outdoor seating, a lot of the similar things, I think, that have been maintained at that gas station for some time that make it an attractive corner.”

The proposed brownfield plan is for just over $304,000 with an estimated total reimbursement/capture period of 27 years beginning in 2021. The Meridian Township Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) would capture $17,672 for administrative costs and $17,672 for the local brownfield revolving fund (LBRF). No interest is proposed in the brownfield plan according to the agenda.

The Township Board meeting agenda said the total estimated investment of the project is approximately $1,000,000. Construction is scheduled to begin upon consideration of the Brownfield Plan by the Township Board.

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