Outdoor Fitness Begins in Meridian Township

Outdoor Fitness Begins in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Governor Gretchen Whitmer has loosened restrictions on gyms, so residents are switching from Netflix to lunges! Local gyms are offering outdoor classes to build health and wellness back into the community. From beginner to advanced levels, here’s a run-down of all the ways you can get or stay fit this summer:

At TRV|FIT in Okemos, Owner Carmella Grescowle has seen fitness change her life and is wanting to provide that experience for you! She hosts high intensity training sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays in the TRV|FIT parking lot. On the other days, her crew can be found at Wonch Park taking full advantage of the beautiful Michigan outdoors.

“We are always community first, health second, and fitness last in that order. We haven’t lost (memberships) because that’s the community we have together,” said Grescowle.

TRV|FIT is excited about hosting these activities, so be sure to follow them on Facebook where you can see the full list of classes and join their community.

Anytime Fitness has Michigan State University graduate Taylor Morgan running fun and effective outdoor workouts for all ages in Haslett!

“Anytime Fitness is offering outdoor team training sessions to allow our community to get together and work out, while following specific procedures to make sure we are staying safe. These procedures include; staying six feet apart, setting up individual stations for everyone and providing them with their own set of equipment, sanitizing equipment before and after use, as well as keeping hand sanitizer outside for everyone! We love our community and are very excited about being able to train outside,” said Morgan.

State of Fitness, run by owner Justin Grinnell, is located in Meridian Township and they are considered trailblazers for their outdoor workouts.

“We actually have had an outdoor training system since 2012, so all we had to do was train the new coaches and we were ready to rock!” said Grinnell.

They are also conducting a program called Open Access for members who aren’t as comfortable visiting the gym during rush hours. They have set aside specific times and sectioned off zones for these members to get the most out of their time at the gym. The State Of Fitness Facebook page has effective at-home workouts, live zoom sessions and even more information about their outdoor workouts.

Crunch Fitness in Meridian Township isn’t letting this opportunity go by either! What first started as a few workouts in their parking lot has turned into an outdoor party on the Capitol lawn.

“We know this has been a very difficult time for everyone, so what we can do for you on beautiful days like today, is going to be offering free classes every day outside until we are able to open our gym so please check our social media and come down and have a good time!” said Owner James Wiese.

These sessions are free to members and non-members as Crunch is encouraging people to get out and get moving! Classes include HIIT, Tabata, Cycling and many others to promote health and wellness in the community.

Haslett Hot Yoga owned by Samantha Corbit is actually in the midst of rebranding, and she is excited to be offering outdoor classes a well. Corbit is teaming up with gym pop-ups from Fresh Air Fitness to give Haslett a reason to smile again. All classes are run by professional coaches who want to see you get in the best shape of your life. The full schedule can be found on their Facebook page where new location and times are shared.

Pure Barre in Okemos has sectioned off the 2445 Jolly Road parking lot for members to come together and get back in their workout community. Members are encouraged to bring a mat to Pure Barre’s first pop-up which is Thursday, June 11th at 10:00 am. They are hoping to schedule more of these types of events in the future as well.

Greater Lansing Cross Fit has just released their full schedule of outdoor workouts (on their Facebook page) and are seeing great turnout! Join their outdoor classes as GLCF is running multiple sessions a day from beginner to intermediate to advanced!

Court One is Okemos is running about three outdoor classes a day for members. They are looking forward to opening their indoor pool to 25% capacity and their outdoor pool to 50% next week.

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