Meridian Township Board Takes Precaution with State’s Reopening

Meridian Township Board Takes Precaution with State’s Reopening

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board discussed updates with the Covid-19 Task Force during last night’s meeting. The board had also voted on a new workplace protection plan to keep workers safe as businesses begin to reopen.

Fire Chief, Mike Hamel spoke to the Board about how the task force’s run volumes have started to increase and are expected to further increase as more businesses begin to reopen. Hamel also reported that the task force will continue to take care of the rules in regard to wearing masks and will still be there for any questions or needs the community may have.

Township Manager Frank Walsh also mentioned that the Covid-19 Hotline will remain open till probably July 1st. He said that it will be made public when exactly the hotline will be taken down officially.

“We served people in ways I never thought that we would,” Walsh said. “I’m just thankful that we did it.”

The Board also discussed a new workplace preparedness plan that is mandated to be put in place by the Executive Order 2020-97. The purpose of this plan is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace as people begin to return to work.

This plan requires employees to take their temperature and a health questionnaire before entering work areas. Employees must also continue social distancing practices while at work. Workplaces will also have to routinely clean and disinfect shared surfaces and equipment like copy machines. Businesses with high-volume customer service areas will also be required to install plastic shields between staff and visitors.

A question was asked about if employees will have to wear masks constantly while at work. Human Resources Director, Joyce Marx, answered that as long as social distancing is maintained, workers will not have to wear their masks all the time.

“Anyone who is within six feet of another individual would be required to wear a mask,” Marx said. “If you are distanced more than six feet, you can take your mask down. We’ve gone over that with several of the departments where if you’re not around anyone, you don’t have to have that mask on 100% of the time.”

The plan was adopted by the Board in a unanimous vote and will go into full effect on June 8th.

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