Important Information About Meridian Township Building Access and Closures

Important Information About Meridian Township Building Access and Closures

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Meridian Township has taken social distancing actions. Meridian Township building operations will be modified as a result of this, but Township officials are encouraging the public to utilize electronic and remote correspondence with Township staff and officials as much as possible. This will help to limit face-to-face interactions.

The following Township buildings/operations will be closed to the public effective Monday, March 16th until further notice:

-Harris Nature Center
-Meridian Historical Village
-Meridian Senior Center
-Meridian Service Center

The following Township buildings/operations will only allow limited access to the public effective Monday, March 16th until further notice:

-Meridian Township Municipal Building
-Meridian Township Public Safety Building
-Meridian Township Fire Stations

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends implementing social distancing measures, as feasible.

In order to continue providing essential services to Township residents, the following steps are being put into place for the safety of the staff and the community effective Monday, March 16th:

-Township buildings will be closed or have limited access to the public. Please call in advance and be aware of the posted signage.
-Residents are encouraged to utilize the 24 Hour White Drop Box at the Meridian Township Municipal Building for utility payments, all other payments and paper correspondence.
-Residents and employees are encouraged to answer questions via phone, email, social media and other digital platforms.
-Large gatherings, conferences and sporting events have been canceled or postponed. Local event and meeting cancelations can be found on the Meridian Township website.
-The Meridian Township Police Department will limit in-person responses to calls in certain situations. Please call 517.332.6526 if you have civil complaints, fraud or identity theft crimes, private property incidents or harassing communications. Police will continue to respond to all violent and in progress crimes, please dial 9-1-1.
-The Meridian Township Fire Department will continue to respond to all emergency calls, please dial 9-1-1. Firefighters may be wearing special respiratory protective gear to offset infection.
-The Meridian Township Department of Public Works will be minimizing in-person responses to work requests for certain utility problems or service requests that are not time sensitive to protect the community. For utility service information, email or call 517.853.4440. For Emergency Water and Sewer Services, please call 517.349.0010.
-For information on potential modifications to building or rental inspections, please call 517.853.4500.
-Dog Park registration information is available on the website. Youth sports jerseys will be available for purchase prior to the start of soccer and baseball seasons in mid-April.

Additional information about closures, cancellations, resources and preventative actions can be found on our website at

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