Haslett High School Holds 2nd Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Fundraiser

Haslett High School Holds 2nd Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Fundraiser

HASLETT - Haslett High School held their second annual Coaches vs. Cancer Fundraiser on Friday, February 14th.

There were two games in the boys and girls division between the Haslett Vikings and the Fowlerville Gladiators.

Those who came to the games, wore purple and white Coaches vs. Cancer themed shirts to show their support for those effected by cancer.

Many company sponsors participated in this year's fundraiser such as Culver's of Okemos and T-shirtgoods.com.

Throughout the night, Culver's custard was sold to count towards donations. Donation buckets were also passed around throughout the night. Those who came also got a chance to sign their name on a large banner to show their support in the fight against cancer.

AJ Clawson, with Clawson Agency of Michigan Farm Bureau, played a huge role in organizing this event and spoke about what he looked forward to the most from this fundraiser.

"Just a way for everyone in the community to get together, and our community as a whole has been hit hard with different situations with cancer," said Clawson. "This whole year has been tough on the community, so it's a good for us to get together and celebrate the lives of those we lost."

Clawson also has relatives who have been effected by cancer and saw this event as a way of giving back to the community.

Mark Cotter, who is a 12 year Cancer survivor, along with his wife and other volunteers displayed banners with positive and powerful messages such as "Never Give Up Never Give In" around the schools gymnasium.

"Cancer has hit the community pretty hard here in Haslett at the end of 2019 and the start of 2020," said Cotter. "So it's even more important that we fight back against cancer."

"We want to tell others we care about them, we understand this is a challenging time for them and we are going to try help find a cure."

Cotter was also excited that there was a larger turnout this year and more donations as volunteers teamed up with the Haslett's Dance Team, to spread the word and invite more residents.

The Haslett Vikings won both games from both divisions. After the game, Cotter and volunteers went around the gymnasium and held up the banners from earlier tonight to thank everyone for their support.

Those who rooted for either team came together and cheered, as these banners made their way around their bleachers.

Cotter also passed wood-carved white color roses to Haslett Vikings players and those who attended to represent a bond that we are all in this together and nobody has to face cancer alone.

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