Board Members Address Proposed Woodward Way PILOT

Board Members Address Proposed Woodward Way PILOT

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Another topic of discussion at the February 4th Meridian Township Board meeting, was the proposed PILOT for the Woodward Way housing project.

The Board approved this PILOT at their regular meeting on September 17, 2019. The applicant had submitted their project in the most current round of funding through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA), but was not successful.

The project is located at the east end of Sirhal drive and consists of 49 townhouse/apartment units that provide housing for persons of low to moderate income.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus expressed his opposition for this project.

"I oppose this project for a number of reasons. The first major reason is that this project is located in an area where actually it would benefit from the zoning that the the master plan had designated, which is small family housing which allows for entry point for affordable single family housing. There will be no need for a PILOT if we kept that kind of zoning and that kind of, if we kept the zoning as it was and had the zoning available for single family housing and duplexes, we would be able to not need a pilot and be producing net property tax for the Township to pay for infrastructure and pay for its fair share of all services and helps benefit the entire community."

The Township ordinance requires the construction of the housing project to commence within one year from the effective date of the Township Board resolution approving the tax exempt status.

Other members, however, chose to support this project and allow the applicant additional funding for submitting the project in March 2020.

"I am totally in support of continuing to provide our support for the application for the funding," said Township Trustee Patricia Herring Jackson. "And I think we have totally litigated or discussed the qualifications and the characteristics of the project and why we think it's a positive for Meridian Township."

The Board decided to approve the applicant's request for additional funding of this project at their next Board Meeting.

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